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A milk formula manufactured for skinny people. It contains all the essential amino acids required to gain weight as well as the multivitamins and minerals to enhance the utilization of amino acids.

Appeton Weight Gain contains a well balanced variety of easily digestible nutrients essential for tissue growth. Fortified with L-lysine that improves the PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) value, which is the weight gaining capacity of protein intake. Research shows that protein source which is high in L-lysine will register a higher PER value. Appeton Weight Gain has a PER value of 3.1. All the right amino acid at the right amount ensures tissue growth. Appeton Weight Gain has a higher bioavailability because it uses protein from whey, which contains a high concentration of branched amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed. The biological value of Appeton Weight Gain whey protein is 100 and milk protein is 88. The multivitamin plus minerals together with higher protein and carbohydrate will ensure optimum food source for gaining body weight.

Appeton Weight Gain Adult: to promote weight gain for underweight adults; provides complete nourishment for convalescence; to maintain muscle fitness of athletes.

Available in 900g and 450g.

Skimmed milk, milk proteins, vegetable oils, saccharose, defatted cocoa, fiber, vanilla, minerals, vitamins and lecithin.

Average composition per 100gm:
Protein 30gm, Fat 10gm, Carbohydrates 52gm, Fiber 5.6gm, Ashes 5gm, Moisture 3gm, Energy 396kcal (1655kJ).

adult units
Vit. A 3000 iu
Vit. B1 0.8 mg
Vit. B2 0.8 mg
Vit. B6 1 mg
Vit. B12 3.5 mcg
Vit. C 45 mg
Vit. D 300 iu
Vit. E 10 iu
Niacin 8 mg
Panthothenic acid 5 mg
Folic acid
300 mcg
Biotin 50 mcg
Choline 50 mg
Sodium 660 mg
Potassium 350 mg
Calcium 1500 mg
Chloride 1000 mg
Iron 8 mg
650 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
5.5 mg
Copper 550 mcg
70 mcg
Manganese 1100 mcg
Amino Acids content in g per 100gm (% w/w)
* are essential amino acids


*Isoleucine 5.2
*Leucine 8.8
*Tyrosine 5.2
*Phenylalanine 4
*Methionine 2.7
Cysteine 1.3
Histidine 2.7
Aspartic acid 7
Threonine 4.2
Serine 5.4
Glutamic acid 18.5
Proline 8.7
Glycine 1.6
Alanine 2.6
Appeton Weight Gain (Adult )


What is Appeton Weight Gain?
Appeton Weight Gain is high protein milk product, fortified with vitamins and mineral help to gain the required body weight.


How long does it take to see the desired effect of weight gaining?
Appeton Weight Gain is formulated with high protein milk. Protein is needed to build body tissue, thus weight gaining. This process will normally take 2 - 3 months.

How and when to consume Appeton Weight Gain?
Mix with warm water, just like other milk powder. Appeton Weight Gain can also be mixed with Milo & Horlicks. If you wish, it can be sprinkled onto salad or taken raw, in powder form.
Recommended consumption is 3 times a day, 1-2 hours after meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Remember, Appeton Weight Gain is an ADDITIONAL food supplement and NOT a food replacement. Thus, never skip or reduce your daily food intake.

Will there be any side effects while taking Appeton Weight Gain?
No. This is a milk based food product, fortified with protein, carbohydrate, vitamins etc, therefore there will be no risk of side effects. However, do bear in mind the following:
1) Children below 3 years should avoid taking this product due to the high protein content.
2) Patient with gout and diabetes should consult their doctors before taking this product.
3) Occasionally, lactose intolerance may occur in certain individuals.


What is PER ?
PER stands for Protein Efficiency Ratio. It is the measurement of protein's ability to convert into body tissue i.e. body weight. Research shows that protein sources that are high in Lysine will register a higher PER value.
The PER value for Appeton Weight Gain is as high as 3.1.


Why is the "energy" provided in Appeton Weight Gain Children (3 - 12 years) higher compared to Adults?
Children are more active and have higher metabolic rate. They need more energy for their daily activities.

What is the purpose of "ash" ?
"Ash" is actually the substances remaining after complete burning of the milk powder. These are basically minerals.

What type of packaging is available in Appeton Weight Gain?
Appeton Weight Gain comes in a tin of 900gm for both adults and children. The 50gm sachet packs are available for adults only.

What are the available flavours for Appeton Weight Gain?
Appeton Weight Gain for both adults and children come in one flavour only - chocolate.

Is Appeton Weight Gain suitable for vegetarians?
With the exception of milk, all the other ingredients in Appeton Weight Gain are from plant sources. Yes. It is suitable for vegetarians.

What is the source of Lecithin in Appeton Weight Gain?
The lecithin is taken from soybean.

Has Appeton Weight Gain obtained any Halal Certificate ?
No, Halal certification has not been obtained from any Religious Department.


Can pregnant women take Appeton Weight Gain?
As this Appeton Weight Gain is a balanced milk base product, it is also suitable for expectant mothers.

Can convalescents take Appeton Weight Gain?
Yes. In fact, it is also recommended for convalescent, bed-ridden patients and geriatrics.

How long should I use it after opening the seal?
If you follow the instructions, you will finish a tin of 900g in 6 days ! However, if it's not finished within a week, it can still be consumed up to 6 months if the tin is air tight and stored in a cool & dry place. You might notice a difference in taste due to the loss of aroma, especially after 3 months.


Will I lose weight if I stop taking Appeton Weight Gain?
After attaining the optimum weight, one can stop taking Appeton Weight Gain, that is if you maintain your daily food intake.

Why am I not gaining weight after taking Appeton Weight Gain?
There are a few possibilities. Below are some common reasons.

If the instructions are followed strictly, an adult should consume one 900g tin every 6 days. We found that those who complained consumed only 1 - 2 900g tins over a long period of 2 - 3 months, and not as recommended. Under these circumstances, the total additional nutrient intake is too small to assist the weight gaining process.

Some parents complained about the lack of results. Upon investigation, Appeton Weight Gain was replacing their children's usual meals.

Should I take other supplements such as multivitamin besides Appeton Weight Gain?
Appeton Weight Gain contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore it is unnecessary to take other supplement. Remember to also take into account the vitamins and minerals from daily food intake. Consult your physician or pharmacist if you want to take other supplement.


What are the good sources of protein?
- Animal origin (complete protein): meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk & milk products.
Complete protein contains all the essential amino acids.
- Plant origin (most are incomplete protein): legumes- peanuts, peas, beans & lentils.
Incomplete protein is lack of some essential amino acids.
- Soy protein: soybeans, soymilk and tofu are also a complete protein.

Can a strict vegetarian get complete protein?
If you are a strict vegetarian then you have to take several of plant origin protein to have a more complete protein. For example, legumes are lack of methionine. Cereals and grains are lack of lysine. Combining different vegetarian protein source, such as eating grain and legumes will result in complete protein with the essential amino acids.

Why would convalescents require more protein?
Convalescents may required more protein to repair body tissues. Protein as part of the convalescence nutritional regimen to support the synthesis of proteins required for defence and recovery, to spare muscle and reduce further protein breakdown.

How much protein do healthy adults, athletes and convalescents need daily?
The recommended daily intake for protein in healthy adults is about 0.8g/kg body weight. Athletes involved in heavy training may require 1.2 to 1.3g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Convalescents should be taking more than 1g of protein/kg of body weight, provided that no malfunction for kidneys.

What is whey and casein?
Whey and casein are both milk protein. Cow’s milk contains 30% whey and 70% casein. Whey is also known as lactalbumin. It contains a high concentration of branch amino acid that are more easily digested and absorbed. Appeton Weight Gain uses whey protein and milk protein. Hence, better bioavalailability.